Summary Data

This page provides detailed reporting of all Registry hospital survey questions. You can also access our latest report How We Work: The Latest Trends and Insights in Hospital Palliative Care, 2009-2015 through the “Registry Publications” page.

Data Table

A total of 420 hospital-based palliative care programs submitted data to the National Palliative Care Registry™ in 2015. One-quarter were large hospitals (500+ beds), and 16% were small hospitals (<150 beds). See results below:


2015 National Palliaexcel-icontive Care Registry™ Table

Full data summary of hospital programs that participated in the 2015 Registry, organized by hospital size (total beds).


Registry Graphs
  • Palliative Care Penetration

    Palliative Care Service Penetration Over Time

    Mean and median palliative care service penetration over time, 2009-2015.


  • Staffing Over Time

    Palliative Care Team Staffing Over Time

    Average head count and full-time equivalent (FTE) over time, 2009-2015.


  • Penetration by Bed Size

    Palliative Care Service Penetration, 2015

    Mean and median palliative care service penetration by hospital size (beds), 2015.


  • Palliative Care Referrals

    Palliative Care Referrals, 2015

    Distribution of palliative care referrals by specialist and referring unit/department, 2015.


  • Hospital Length of Stay

    Palliative Care Hospital Length of Stay, 2015

    Length of stay (in days) by hospital size and patient status, 2015.


  • Palliative Care Discharge Locations, 2015

    Distribution of palliative care patient’s discharge locations, 2015.